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It’s Backup Awareness Day again — and Ada Lovelace Day!


Wow, a full month has gone past already. Have you backed up your data (computer, websites) since the last Backup Awareness Day? If you haven’t, take a few minutes to do it now. Dump that database, export that WordPress blog, plug in your external backup drive.

Read this article on Lifehacker reviewing the five best offline backup tools, and make sure you’re using one of them — or something equivalent.

Write a blog post to encourage your readers and friends to take backing up their data seriously.

Spread the word on Facebook, IM, Tumblr, Twitter and elsewhere (the Twitter hashtag is #backupday).

This month, Backup Awareness Day takes place on the same day as Ada Lovelace Day. Have you pledged to write about a women in tech/science you admire yet? If not, please consider doing it.

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  1. 04/05/2010 17:25

    You claim “the 24th of every month is Backup Awareness Day”, but you’re wrong about that.

    Every day is Backup Awareness Day.


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